Love is the true essence of life

en Privado20 de marzo

Spirituality means to live everyday life with Love, from whatever is our job or duty in life. It doesn´t mean to leave material life aside but to become aware of what is good for the soul and understanding the damage we cause to ourselves by only paying attention to fulfill needs and desires.

Our soul needs a physical body to connect with the matter which is the world we live in, and through that to join with the essence which is in every shape. We need and have to get this connection by Love.

Having a deficient spiritual life is part of our own personality affected by all our weaknesses.  It is not the world which surround us which affect us but the way we react towards it. Our own weaknesses lead us to live a life in selfishness.

We can all spot weaknesses, the point is that we notice them on others. But we can´t change people we can only change ourselves.

There many things that make us react and cause damage, we need to work on that. If we only blame the others there is not much to work, we become lazy blaming others.

To overcome our weaknesses we need to admit them first and we have many of them. We can all feel anger but not all of us react in the same way. We all show our weaknesses and sins in different ways.

When our impulses are selfish we need to correct them. Our impulses are triggered by our weaknesses and there is where we need to focus to change. It is important to understand how to act and act in consequence. To benefit our soul we need to act with Love, not only satisfying our personal needs. Serving should be our main objective in life, serving for the benefit of others, not only for what we know we are going to get in return. Everything we do to benefit our soul is for the benefit of others as well and the other way around.

To be able to do this we need to be aware. We need to be aware of what happens around us and in our inner soul which is the truth we live in. When we act we should meditate before acting, we need to pay attention to what we are doing. We have the option of doing good or bad. ¿what do we choose? Doing bad seems to be the easiest of both but how much damage do we cause? We need to do what we are suppose to not matter what people think, we need to act in benefit of others with Love.

We benefit our soul when we do what we have to do but of course we are acting against our ego. Many times we don´t feel happy acting well and that is only because our ego gets involved.

This is an active way of meditating changing our lives and leaving one way or another some Light on our way. If we could leave on our way footprints of Light coming from Love we could be happy and our job would be done, if not our footprints will only vanish leaving nothing behind.

The only way to make a difference is to become aware and leave the ego behind.

Our heart keeps us physically alive and our Love and sense in life will keep our soul and body in action  to find all types of life, to connect and evolve in the process of life.


Daniel Ferminades.