Live in Peace

Inner peace is achieved when one is at peace with his conscience, and his conscience is at peace with the Creator and Creation.

One world for all

We only have one world, one school for 7 billion people. In a world with so much selfishness, it is impossible to live in peace, if we don´t think about the consequences we may cause on others and ourselves.


Letting go doesn´t mean to stop loving, it means to stop considering that being as proper property. We aren´t holders of life, we´ll never be of anyone either.

Why do we fear?

We have fear of the unknown, the cure for such fear is knowledge. The base of most fears lies on the intensity which we hold on to its physical form not wanting to suffer at any time.

The Grace of Life

Do you feel life as grace, as a gift?
Do you pray with your hands, with your words, with your actions?


Let Happiness open its wings and fly into your life without restricting it. Discover its gifts and its grace.


Open wide your ears to be able to hear the true voice that never lies and is never wrong.

Grant Life

Grant life the serenity needed to share and to make good things to give to others.


Only compassion joins us all and knowledge yields itself to the feet of the one who lives in permanent compassion.

The wayfarer

If you go through life taking this life-spirit together, you are progressing.